Where in the hell have I been?

Hi folks!

I wanted to let you know why you haven't seen much from The Rhodester Chronicles in the past few months.

Due to several months of unemployment during the winter, we have lost our home internet connection because we simply weren't able to pay the bill.

I hired on with a new tour company several months ago, and I've spent most of that time learning new tours and the operations of that company. In other words, I've been quite busy with that!

Essentially, it comes down to a simple lack of funds. We've been playing catch up and just don't have the money to reestablish our home internet yet, and my 7 year old MacBook is on its last legs.

A few days a week, Dorian Dorey Rhodes and I hit up a local internet cafe.  We do a bit of productivity here and there, but it seems like I just haven't had time to write anything.
Hopefully this will change soon.

I really need to upgrade hardware and software, but I don't see that happening in the near future. So I'm left to compose and post what I can using old, antiquated, buggy software. I'm doing most of my internet stuff on a droid right now, and even that's out of date at only 2 years old.

I'm trying my best to get back into the swing of things, and I'm looking to start posting again soon, I'm just not sure when. If you've been around for a while, thanks for your patience, I really appreciate it!

I'm hoping to start getting new material up within the next few weeks, and continuing my objective of entertainment through literature. A first book is still in my dreams, and approaching the horizon. Once that comes into view, I'll try my best not to lose sight of it again.