Send A Veteran Into Space!

Okay, don't actually send a veteran into space, unless he or she wants to go, but you can help get them a great job in the aerospace industry so that they can help send others into space. Then we can begin a continuing mission of exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new civilizations and boldly going where no one has gone before.

But mainly, the veteran can possibly find a rewarding and well-paying career, which will bolster his or her self-worth and provide a brighter future for them and their families.

A longtime friend of mine, Johnny Stewart, has had great success in the aerospace industry, and he's also a navy veteran. So he contacted me the other day and asked if I'd be willing to post something about a new training program he's starting up.

You bet I would, and here's why:

I too am a veteran, so when I was down and out and needing a job, I visited the local VA chapter here in San Francisco along with a non-profit private group to see about getting employment assistance. You know what's primarily available? Security guard positions. They will help you get what's called a "guard card," which is an eight hour training course, and they'll assist you in interviewing, brushing up your resume, and so on.

I'm not knocking this at all, because when you need a job, then anything helps. But it's not much of a career and the pay is barely a living wage, if even that. I've spent time as a security guard and I've found it's best suited for young people going to school, who might want to go into law enforcement, or retirees who want to supplement their pension. There's also very little chance for advancement.

Of course that's not all that's available through the VA or the private outfit, but I can tell you through personal experience that their other leads aren't much better. Driving jobs, food service, counter service and that kind of thing. There are few to no opportunities with significant training and placement.

Johnny wants to change that by putting his experience and connections with the aerospace industry to work, so he's established The American Aeronautics Technical Academy. It's all so new, he tells me the website is still under construction (or else I'd link it here, of course), but for now you can visit the link below to either donate or contact Johnny for more information. You're especially welcome to get in touch if you're someone who works with veterans in job placement.

Here's Johnny's first-person biography, lifted directly from the site you'll find at the link:
Hello, my name is Johnny Stewart. I am a U.S. Navy veteran, 87-92 (Seabees), and I've been blessed with a great aerospace career. I recently resigned from a major rocket manufacturer and walked away from a six figure salary, stock options and full benefits. I simply decided that it's time to give back to my fellow veterans by using my current NDT skill set so that veterans can be trained in a relevant technical field with a promising career.
I can vouch that Johnny is a pretty darned good guy, with a lot of experience including some work with Elon Musk and SPACE X. If you want to help him help keep veterans off the street and send them into meaningful and fulfilling careers, visit the link above and tell Johnny I sent you.

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