My Name Is Rod


I used to work with a guy named Rod, a typical actor-wannabe who was working a regular job while going around doing auditions on his days off. He had a son, Peyton, and a daughter named Janelle, who were seven and thirteen at the time.

Peyton was a kid actor who loved doing it so much that Rod and Mrs. Rod went and got him a kid agent, who, to be clear, is an agent for kids. The agent isn't a kid. I think the agent is about thirty something, but that's really not relevant to this, so pay attention, okay?

When they were casting for an upcoming new show called "My Name Is Earl" (2005-2009), Peyton's agent called Rod and Mrs. Rod to have them bring Peyton to the audition for one of the two kids of Joy (Jaime Pressly) and Darnell (Eddie Steeples). Mrs. Rod had to work that day, so Rod took Peyton to the audition and had Janelle come along to help.

Jaime Pressly and Eddie Steeples as Joy and Darnell.
They arrived on time and were about to walk into the room when Peyton announced that he had to go potty, so Rod asked Janelle to take him to the restroom while he went to sign-in. Rod walked into the room and a casting director looked him over and said, "Oh, you're here for the cop role! Great! Come on over, we've been waiting for you."

Rod tried to explain that he'd just brought his son to audition, and he was in the restroom, but they didn't listen. A sheet of paper was thrust into his hand and Rod was asked to read from it.

"Sir, you'll have to move your car."

It was a simple line and Rod had a booming James Earl Jones thing going on, but significantly younger, so he sold them in a second. They told him he was perfect for it and they gave him instructions on where to be and at what time.

It was a tiny part. Fans of the show may recollect the pilot episode, where the Del Taco guy (as in the wimpy actor who played the head of Del Taco in TV commercials for a long time) goes to a gay club but sits out front in his car, afraid to go in. A black cop approaches him and tells him he can't park there. The guy says, "I'm not gay!" and the cop says, "Well you're still gonna have to move your car!"

That was Rod.

So, Peyton returned from the restroom and they had him read a few lines, plus took some pics of him but he didn't get the part, which would have been ongoing throughout the run of the series. But Rod got the part of the cop in the pilot episode.

Watch out, Rod; karma's a bitch.

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