Shaking Off The Monday Blues

I would totally let this guy arrest me, because I bet we'd have fun.

I decided to take Monday off from blogging because a number of years ago, some guy here in the US got himself shot because he wanted everyone to be equal and be treated equal, and stuff like that, only it’s not the day he got shot, it’s his birthday, and we celebrate it for the legacy he left us with, which is still unfulfilled but I like to think we’re working that way, starting with really long sentences.

But now I am blogging but quickly realizing I have nothing to blog about because today it seems everyone has something to say about that guy, who was really awesome, and his legacy is awesome, but what can I add that hasn’t already been said, and also, more long sentences, yay!

In the shadow of that legacy, I feel kind of bad for snubbing my cross-dressing neighbor a few moments ago, who dropped by “to chat,” because the door was open, and geez – I HAVE TO QUIT LEAVING THE DOOR OPEN – but I would have snubbed anyone, because I’m really private when home and not that social, although I have to admit my cross-dressing neighbor is quite flirtatious with me and it makes me uncomfortable, but to be clear, I’d be uncomfortable if model-turned-actress Jaime Pressly flirted with me, so it has nothing to do with the fact that my neighbor likes to wear short skirts and basically looks like David Spade in heels.

David Spade (L) and Jaime Pressly (R), to make my point.

So I’ve decided that what I’m going to do today – or what’s left of it, being Monday evening now – is throw a hysterically funny video on here that you’ve probably already seen because it’s gone viral in the past few days, but it celebrates that legacy in a very loose, roundabout way, with the underlying message being:
“Hey, just do what moves you and to hell with what anyone thinks because most of the time they’re just hatin’ anyway, so you should shake it off and dance!”
..which is a message I have a feeling my cross-dressing neighbor lives by, which is totally awesome cool and stuff, and now I’m kind of sorry I was snubby but should I be more inviting just because of my neighbor's choice of gender presentation, given that I’d also snub Taylor Swift if she came to the door?

Okay I admit I wouldn’t snub Taylor Swift but I wouldn’t invite her in because the place is really messy, although I have a feeling she would just clean up our apartment and then buy us a car, but I would invite her to head over with us to our favorite local cafe in the neighborhood, and then I’d ask her if she’s seen this video of the cop getting down to one of her songs, because OMG now we all have to go to Dover and throw bricks through windows with the hope of being arrested:

"..you could have been gettin’ down to THIS – SICK – BEAT.."

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