The WaveOf the FUTURE ghost! testing voice!

I was told that I could post! To my blog via the phone mobile phone. And so I thought! I had been so here it is the test, and then I thought maybe! Use voice recognition see if it would work

So here it is just a little best to see how it's going to bat go to the car. The instructions! Say to split query and cannot mobile so I am definitely speaking! Clear D with the hope that it would work. And that this would be a credible post for my blog the toaster Chronicles enclosing!

I, need two work on punctuation because? told that I could say ! and it would make !


I didn't know that? I mean that!! so yes I'm a luddite lol lol lol lol I amend it!!!!

Eye like about the 25th post things your blog like this just talk then it shows up in your blog and its simply a big ol well it's amazing. goats.

Okay well all of the well well well I'm exhausted now so yeah that'll be good okay thanks

who new in in year 2015 you could boo piss?  I don't know what mime is talking about because hey no typing! Now I can just talk!!! So hey I'm just happy, that now ear in the year 2015 wow it's going to speak into the phone and it types everything. goats.

I will that now gone too every post in toaster chronicles be voice recognition from now on okay!!!!!




“How VERY amusing..”

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