Tourists on The Golden Gate

This past weekend, the Golden Gate Bridge here in San Francisco was closed for the first time in about a thousand years – or at least since 1987. They just made it seem like it had been a thousand years because there was a really big fuss, and traffic was a nightmare.

Meanwhile, a really cool lady with a cool blog posted some nifty photos of people riding around on tour buses in the UK, so it got me to thinking that perhaps I should post some nifty photos I’d taken of people crossing the Golden Gate Bridge while I was employed as a tour guide.

When I first started out, I loved seeing people’s expressions as they crossed the bridge – because it really was the best part of the tour – so I’d whip out my Droid and take pics.

I did this until I’d personally crossed for about the 500th time and the novelty started to wear off so, after that, I’d just go down below and let them enjoy the view while I used that same Droid to check my facebook.

You’ll see from the photos that there are nice days to cross the bridge, and there are cold, foggy days when the wind is an icy knife cutting through soft, malleable tourist brains. When it got like that, we’d issue plastic ponchos that cost the company twelve cents each and were maybe 100th of an inch thick, because people STILL INSISTED ON SITTING ON TOP – even when they were freezing. So we did our part to present every possible illusion of assistance.

I opted to make a slide show of my photos and turn that slideshow into a YouTube video, so here it is. Most of the photos are mine but additional credit goes to Joseph Amster and Douglas B. Davis.

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